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GA CoP Community Assembly

It was world Tai Chi day on saturday 30th April, to celebrate a premier "parasympathetic" medical system, and train with communities of practitioners  to bring about unity, harmony: healing and psychophysical development. Many groups have an online presentation and its just as well directly practiced directly with teachers. You are welcome to join our effort to convene local events as participant or helper by mailing us on the site.

News : Jan 10th Global Assembly Oxfordshire is inaugurated this day along with a coincident event below:
SciCBN Greenmoon participated in the UNAUK event: "Determined - a new chapter for UNA-UK, that was also UNA UK Dir. Samarasinghe's leaving speech and intimations as she leaves to new postings. Many distinguished speakers were present.
      Feature: GA Community Assembly reference to guidelines of the (est. June 2021). **SciCBN was appointed to the Anglophone Cluster (Regional and Linguistic) that includes UK, USA, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, and because of SciCBN's relatedness, included remit was to be in the Mix#1 Clusters that include : Russia, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, and Ethiopia.
              Establishing a local Global Assembly for Oxfordshire (GA) and its varied Community of Practitioners (CoP) groups:
A video is below of the musician/musicologist Brian Eno conversing with a GA organiser on its founding principles that issue from an originating Greek concept of sortition: URL= Highlighted has been need for multimedia participation cultivating arts' expressions needed to support unified branch-science projects of methodical emphasis to support kinds of internal and external transformation. See our local CoP GA on page 10 of this site for further details. 
                    GA have a YouTube channel with presentations on how the GA CoP works:
Other News: SciCBN had been revising some primary international-project articles on intercultural science and philosophy, with some crucial definitions, protocols, and acknowledgements by way of peer-reviewed research-project dialogs.
10-22 Ma 2022: Chief philosopher Chomsky recently intimated as usual, a few things that he has the solutions for: e.g. a timeframe of 10 and 20 years to immediately follow through as world-communal implementation of Eco plans (esp. the easy HydroElectric models previously left by the wayside). A proposed nomination by SciCBN is that there should be a new Model UN branch in Ukraine that all thereabouts can share to directly cease the conflict, that esp. caters to all the contradictory sides of questions, and can house a retreat contemplative-observatory structure as adjoining part of an intercultural, unified inner-science, scientific, secular, and spiritual wisdom tradition. Thus in these efforts, also to provide US integral philosophers Chomsky and Russian philosopher Dubrovsky (and their lineage students), with the means to together somewhere establish a peacekeeping and building headquarters. The established orientations for this are interdisciplinary and moreover transdisciplinary resources that the Jungian scientist and scholar Harold Atmanspacher has fully clarified. Thus, paving stones for this structure of mutual world consideration should transpire on the strongest imprints of collective humanity, to solve the present problems and bring them to an end. A video is below on recent discourse on problems that have interdependently been causes all around.
          It is sure according to Noam Chomsky that the present world conflict has transpired from histories to move forward from equal denials of manifold kinds, without entering into those on the other sides of questions, and it is true that there will always be an implicitly evolved worldwide interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary wisdom tradition, that is a resource as an inner and outer science tradition for unique roles to be enacted in all corners of the globe.

As above, a "Theme" understanding comprehension in music to expound some sense on the UKRAINE EMERG-ENCY is nominated for artists to take part: Tony Williams, Lifetime Emergency for that of people and planet.

News : 10Feb2022 Tib. New Year in the ancient Sanskrit astrological figuring, and also celebrated on same day as the Chinese one some weeks ago now: as historical ancient roots of Indo-European languages of the linguistic science: such as honoured by 
von Humboldt, the Western University founder. Inquiries have been made on some representations in that relevant region of custodianship.
        See Energy Arts "Annual State of the Tao Address" by Western sage Shifu Bruce Frantzis.
An excerpt from the GA website reflecting diversity follows, between secular, spiritual, and religious concerns, as there are a great diversity of groups to work together for harmony that is also first-person innate human states:
" The backgrounds of the assembly members range from a gold miner in Myanmar to a politician in France, a house maid in Côte D’Ivoire to a Bedouin goat herder in Socotra (one of the most isolated landforms on Earth). The members of the Global Assembly range in age from 76 to 16, they speak in 39 languages and come from 49 countries. 2 identify as neither male nor female and 9 cannot read or write. On Saturday 18th December, Assembly members met for the last time to agree their final People’s Declaration for the Sustainable Future of Planet Earth. It truly shows that everyday people, unencumbered by failing governance structures, are ahead of the politicians. Following the final session, Assembly Members, and everyone involved in supporting them, stayed together for a Zoom celebration, during which each of the 20 groups expressed what the Global Assembly has meant to them through speeches and songs, poems and filmsThe bond that has developed between people, who are unlikely to have met in any other circumstance, was beautiful to witness - and a key part of what the Global Assembly is all about. "

The CoP infrastructure provides whole new and reliable perspectives, allowing transformations by its optimal participatory worldview, of unified local and global initiatives to mutual benefit.
The SciCBN "Greenmoon" secretarial-representation is of wider unified resources of harmony among the branch-sciences from physiology to consciousness studies to common beneficial understanding of quantum physics, as main research-emphases on the web pages: 1. Intercultural philosophy (~hermeneutics; dynamics of dialog and debate); 2. [Depth] Psychology (condition and potentials of the mind and its interactions); 3. Cognitive Science (including the state of arts relating to computer science). These were the larger moderative-official and most scholarly founding-research remits (in effect an international working group SciCBN) since the 1980s continuing into present tense. Of course, all these things translate into normative levels of reality, and for first-person and communal improvements (we call 3Dimensional science).

8 Feb 2022 Presentation Principles
All the topics long-posted on researchgate, are founding and outstanding SciCBN conference materials (also translations in manifold languages), that are also within the CoP GA purview of intricate and principled global conversations, especially from varied uncommon perspectives of wisdom traditions to engage a common purview of such collective activity. ResearchGate has a facility to collate the announcements of scholarly reliant conferences in their common and specific contexts (meriting special support from departments of social-science, that through the GA proceedings optimal inputs can be configured). It is this kind of organisation that can be approached as an initial host candidate to assist in the various plights of each core group area of diverse members. A journal is nominated for this social science as defined and accepted as multi-tear fulfilling the constraints of Springer Journal acknowledgement (posed via a Hoffman calculus model of consciousness). 
These nominated infrastructure presentations derive impetus from that which is a branch-science unified wisdom tradition of both secular and spiritual Science of Consciousness. 

Other Theme Tunes
 for lyric writing as functional for this project studio are designated: "Peace One" by John McLaughlin, another to be orchestrated is Maha Karuna by the same composer, then also some homage-themes in sage-like Taoist unifying style.