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                                            GA CoP Community Assembly & interfaces of aspiration within contexts of the CoP GA wisdom traditions
     - initialising definitions present in the "Studio 2 : SciCBN 40 Yr. Eco project" presentation

It was world Tai Chi day on saturday 30th April, 2022, to celebrate a premier "parasympathetic" medical system, and train with communities of practitioners to bring about unity, harmony: healing and psychophysical development. Many groups have an online presentation and its just as well directly practiced directly with teachers.

Please join our effort to convene local events next year as participant or helper by mailing us on the site.

This community is of both scholarly and grass-roots collaborative emphasis, to achieve trans-disciplinary community purpose.
         Integral Public and Members Page (a function is for passcode protected pages for privacy of working-groups and other labs).
One principle intercollegiate purpose is for local groups to hold e.g. several-hour or day-long conferences according to a GA community feed-back structure of insights and wisdom configured as global parts of the infrastructure for presentation at various UN and other world conferences; the first of such being in March 2022. This a first calling on the convened local intercollegiate group and its helpers for the "Community Assembly OxShires", to follow scientifically designed exemplars of the GA (on its website This comprises local the convening of various dialog to be of communal nurture among potential CoP Community of Practitioners, and contributors are asked to become familiar with these structures, and help facilitate  sensemaking conversation among potential members (Student Union branches are also candidates for nurturing helpers to facilitate these community processes). Senior citizens alike are candidates. One student organisation of requested ideal support is also the student "Model UN", that by now it is on trust to give new impetus to UN structuring within continuities of prior work by senior UNA activists in terms of empirical-scholarly integrities of interface.
The defined SciCBN Nine Studios of initialising presentation, bring together an advanced overview of nominated goals, of course as comparative with others. The genres of dialog outline mainstream interfaces and interrelations between the various pluralistic groups and perspectives (and bringing together specific branch-science curricula of peace-building). All these aspects are posited as mainstream feedback-loops crucially moving forward from COP 26, into practicably extensive pro-social dialogs with projects of participation among international members of the Core Assembly of a present 100, going on 1000, and their supporting Community Assembly's. The envisioned projects should not only be of benefit to the lives of local peoples, but also in ways that support the CoP GA, contributing inspired participation into strengthening unbiased Grass-Root All-Parliamentary movements of concerted peacekeeping organisation (the transdisciplinary institutional science-resources).

A calling is for all kinds of participant volunteers, technical contributors and
 helpers to maintain and grow communal roles of the website: e.g., to work on a 3Dimensional graphical interface as connected munu system and studio technicalities. It is host venues and individuals that are specifically GA called-for participants for GA CoP support. The composition of music and art for science of the GA, is suited to collaborative promotional awards being considered by the Core and Community Assemblies for these purposes. These purposes are included among various branch-science Labs as inter-relational research.
         A featured initiative nominated for local groups is within the mindfulness movement, and participation in medically qualified arts parasympathetic exercise groups (not for profit memberships). A remit of implementation consists of practicable/methodical training-syntheses for various capacities of dedication. Those with experience in the applications of mindfulness, Yoga, or Chi Gong forms, are crucial members to help communally build general teaching-qualifications for beginners, to nurture practice among a model Community of Practitioners.  <Revisions as of 3rd/21st Feb. 2022>

ANNOUNCE : There is an offer by SciCBN website organisation, for CoP 100 members and others, to at least have links to their own pages, or pages of their own (with passwords offered): for purposes mentioned above and on the front-page menu. This is an appropriate function so they can invite other international members to collaborate there, and have links to defined studios of work.
A special remit that SciCBN has given input into since the mid-2021 founding of the CoP GA, is that of arts support for the GA branches of science to flourish. These roles are part of a developmental intercultural-philosophy, in the mainstream, uncommonly expounded by Viktoria Lysenko of RAS, and as SciCBN rejoinders to her 2017 intimations on this (SciCBN presentations on, that the GA project as a concept can be signified by most diverse structures in the modern evolution of music, and specifically that of Jazz-fusion music in parallel by comparative-shifts in its dialectic forms of lyric. Fundings, support, and awards for such collaboration are also offered by GA funders for those artistic initiatives.
        Among initial presentational emphasis for local inspiration : has compatibility in crucial non-competitive senses with the auspices of Meng and his office at the "Google Matrix", with a key website to help transdisciplinary enterprise orientations (in state of the art modes of computer science, cognitive, and contemplative science) within constraints of the mindfulness movement :
A letter was drafted to ask his help and Google's cooperation in these projects. <Revisions as of 3 Feb 2022>

Work on Membership Portals
Below is copy of the SciCBN inspirational CoP GA Presentation, first forwarded to the GA for collective work as feedback- loop structuring : This is an outlining theme for further expansion: e.g.  even as outlines for script-work and theme-tune for transformational activities: (Anglophone Cluster / Mix #1 Cluster) documentation forwarding nominations of support for the Global Assembly (GA) and Community of Practitioners' (CoP) network, that specifically are grass-root background-initiatives supporting COP26 climate proceedings. Further solid-basis for this presentation is of rejoinders to aspirations on peace-building by philosopher David Dubrovsky, as pertinent interactive complementarity with the Russian Cluster and all others.
A following reiteration of a common Middle-way Vision Quest meditation (and timeworn prayer) gives a realist setting for the sake of flourishing, outlining inter-relations of wisdom by means of four primary quests. A long-term dialog with the late senior activist Neville Shepherd, a UNAUK Ox. Hon. secretary, outlines dual functions of motivational peace-building practice for co-creative dynamic equilibrium, expressed in his designation of a Forum Internum and Forum Externum: a comprehensive dialog-classification for science of consciousness as inner and outer science. Then the following is especially congruous as contemplative prayer, established with myriad shared correlations from earliest Indo-European origins of timeless aspiration, and in explicit relation to a jurisprudence-pioneer of contemporary UK consensus on common pathways of wisdom-culture: establishing the Middle Way (beyond conflicting surface notions of spiritual or secular) Journal and Buddhist Society UK (Christmas Humphreys) :
All beings are innately by nature free of bias of destructive attachment, paranoid aversion, and stupid indifference on basic practice of equilibrium and thus equanimity, then may we all abide in and be engendering of freedom from these: following radically empirical realisations by inner and outer sages and science of the mindfulness movement. It is the same for being endowed with the deeper causes of happiness and well-being; wholly flourishing in freedom from causal-roots of suffering; and for assimilating empathetic joy without obstacle on virtues nurtured to facilitate these transformations in all and any beings without indifference. For all these causes we may have steadfast practice abiding in inner natures of unified experience, built on a foundation as worldview of dynamic equilibrium.

Relevant proposal areas of intercultural relevance are included as SciCBN branch network projects, each featuring in their model online-lab documentation as project articles and definitions on: Of key interest among the reference documents :

(1) the 2019 Together First campaign questionnaire (associated with UNA UK), outlining a model worldview of diagnostic root and branch training applications to world conflict-solving.

(2) Another documents relate to background curriculum studies as training projects of branch-science peace-building, bringing together nominated/seconded intercollegiate psychology projects: correlative of applied discursive consciousness studies.

(3) To facilitate the above is a transformative protocol document of aspirations nominated as "new Magna Carta" annotations on previous work by UK Parliamentarians of 2010-15.

(4) Vision-quests above signify core measured parameters for cultivating wisdom as basis for developing foundational caring-attention, giving rise to developmental, empirical-insights of the mindfulness-movement experimentation, toward formal medical-empirical motivations and dedications for establishment of various worldwide-lab forums, in order to properly highlight, nurture, and cultivate parasympathetic health-system disciplines adjoining the contexts of branch-science roots of advanced natural-medicine (also defined in UGE I/II). These are precedent interfaces to the 2020 pandemic-issues. Qi/Prana Traditions as two nominated-primary traditional-mainstays have manifold decades of most credible achievement, with doctors of Himalayan Prana Systems' traditional universities being awarded upmost prizes by Indian government prizes, for treating and curing all kinds of modern diseases including cancer. System representatives are extent in regions of Tibet_China (theirs being a first synthesis of the two systems), Russian-Kalmykia, Mongolia, and the rest of the world, with contemporary key interactive-representations for reciprocal progress from dedicated Western research-traditions (along their own thousand-year contemporary-historical developments of university orientation). Complements of professional accolade are also abundant across a Qi Systems' natural medical-science health-system, of kindred inspirational ethics epistemically guided by applied-mindfulness consciousness-studies. The orientations comprise a world-heritage of project collaboration, with forthcoming communal, emergent empirical consensus and synthesis as contiguous of the ongoing medical-research, generative of branch insights e.g. from unified perspectives of immunology, natural sciences, and from the ground-up of biology, physiology, psychology, psychophysical arts, cognitive-sciences; then serving a worldview on epistemic-issues for social science in terms of countering extranuous conflictual-stereotypes and archetypes; calling for protocol-integral interrelationships between big-pharma and eco-measures, as consensual determinations and facilitations from crucial herbal-medical systems-science. Aspiration and progress of these enlightened researches are also recognised in various UN founding initiatives, esp. regarding precedent communal benevolent availability of independent, proven-branch cooperatives of herbal-medical skill and best therapies effective for the Covid crises. Main affiliates are naturally among the traditional health-systems of Africa, Europe and USA, India, and the Himalayan traditions with branches in Mongolia/Russia (Prana Systems' developments already in ancient senses having incorporated unifications of the Qi System into its science), in addition to China, Japan, Korea, and other regions as contributors to a common Parasympathetic Systems' science.

A connected diagnostic worldview is then from various lingua franca roots of psychophysiological wisdom, as aspects of a key intercultural philosophy, of medical and therapeutic import to the many countries. All the exemplary systems and related others are core distinguished representatives in the field of natural medicine, in the same way that with support-members of a Global Assembly (.org; associated to CoP community-hosts, various kinds of project-labs, and to COP26) there would be a larger collaboration to further these initiatives with excellent prospect for larger group sponsorships. By means of such a branch-science collective, in association with international Labs of different kinds, proper channels and protocols are of precedent formulation on fundings for diverse-affiliate project-collectives. Among direct past and present medical relationships of SciCBN organisational research-contacts, are Wellcome Institute primary Himalayan medical specialists; Alan Wallace: ISP/Contemplative Observatory CO lab-resources and networks of SBInst. of Consciousness Studies (including Directorship of labs); and Energy Arts, Shifu BF's bandwidth of resources (already a fully fledged 70th year Taoist Physician) for the international-medical Qi and Prana science. In terms of root resources of proven peacekeeping and peace-building, appreciation of applied comparative insights validated by both branch-science and deepest mundane diagnostics in mainstream psychology, as also experimental and specific experimental philosophy as reliable worldview to harmony, by primary communal archetypes, formal/innate and informal, of deeper aspiration optimal as generically appropriate experimental vision-quests, foundational discoveries; and generative as causal and resultant working hypotheses in the broad bandwidth of mindfulness-science; and at the leading edge, connected to placeless roots of artifactual weave some 5000 years ago, later connected through the I-Ching related diagnostic science; its layered elements however formally dating to 125 BCE (acc. to Stanford Encyclopedia: "Chinese Philosophy of Change" Yijing). This is regarded as a span of sentient cultivation and civilisation that remarkably came together and accumulated a philosophy of elemental Qi System beginnings as epistemic inclinations of sentient nurture.


(5) A concluding example eco-recommendation would follow the Suisse model since the 70s, using manufactured near tissue-weight paper e.g. for bill-letters and envelopes, quite simply bypassing waste by large percentages (the providers having ample opportunity of following changing priorities at least since the year 2000). Then there are urgent issues on reusable packagings, and endless unwanted and unneeded receipt printing, among a senseless plethora of other obsolete product manufacture that are non-reusable. There is as much sea now but so much fire, demonstrating explicit failure of custodianship, caused by rooted distorted ways of attending reality.

A further dialog call is support for the movement of international all-parliamentary grass-roots parties, as representative for each region on those eco-aspirations for the foreseeable future, and participative upkeep of radically-empirical research-forums on previously marginalised cooperative technologies, physical and mental, as applications of consciousness studies at the same time abating conflicts and saving the planet from various environmental chaos as activity foreseeing the next four decades of planetary burnout. Common terms of dogmatic-materialism and nihilism causal to these problems provide impasse and cannot solve them.

For the Anglophone cluster, it is auspicious to acknowledge quintessential consciousness-studies' resources in African culture, that hold prominent developmental place in the forums of archetypical experimentalist philosophy, specially embodied in Science of Lucid Dreaming or Dream Yoga: connecting to a nominate Water Element philosophy of real-time common practices (provided by Energy Arts): in turn representing synthesis and ethics to a health-systems' ecology. A quintessential philosophy part is also mainstay for experimentalist projects of necessary articulation in terms of science of peacekeeping organisation and curriculum, that can be well phrased as co-creative parts of dynamic equilibrium for the planet.

Foundations of online health and safety: Best practice is from developmental cognitive-science perspectives, and recommends taking rest from computer on-screen activity each fifteen-minutes (900-seconds) for nine seconds (astrophysicist Piet Hut's template in compare to professional contemplatives practicing 15 hours per day), as durations of psychophysical meditative development settling body, speech, and mind in their natural states. This further emphasises a manifold of advanced parasympathetic methods exploring the dimensions of consciousness, forwarded as foundational trainings of interdisciplinary branch-science. There was never greater need than in the present for people to tap into the integral resources of consciousness in manifest ways of life practice toward its qualitative awakening. To that extent is the potential to alleviate confusion manifesting in afflictive attachment as needless manifold layers of greed, delusion, frustration and antagonism. A core definition is that any amount of phenomenological time and care dedicated to 3Dimensional inner science is a luxury, as it is an innate endowment and leisure of psychophysical development, representing manifold routes of application. The above are only example guidelines on what are core negotiable issues and do not necessarily represent all our CoP members to interface with, as they all signify different contexts and virtues of talent in the various regions.<rev. Sept2021>

Close of Presentation for GA CoP

       CoP GA LOCAL Establishment Cont.

By way of inaugural process of establishing Core and Community Assemblies, this one was specifically appointed to be within the Anglophone and Mixed #1 Clusters, on a hub communications map of participant activities. There were various Labs established across these, and in parallel, the SciCBN Contemplative Lab has long been of established functioning through its various remits and presentations. The SciCBN Studios go toward emulating the connections between the various Labs. Far and wide are the Community Assembly's, including 4 in China, many in Pakistan, the UK, USA, and Europe, and extensively in other regions - so these communicating structures and hubs are president parts to the assembly. There are also hubs In Nepal, and so many other places, and it is especially in all these most unique places that most-reciprocal inspirations can be found. Linguists who have connections to the many areas (especially as translators) are of welcomed placement to this organisation. University departments also represent mutual interests to establish these integral vocational supports, especially from perspectives of developing purpose-built multicultural Performative-Arts as CoP Practitioner resources. Many regions do not yet seem to be represented in key areas, so appropriate proposals forwarding models to their University departments has been of integrative commonality. Profound spirit of empathy and wisdom is required to fathom key comparative issues in various regions (through highly developed intercultural philosophy of the sciences), associated in cooperative ways to others, and this is facilitated locally and globally by GA templates for convening conferences of various durations, some of intensive research periods of focus over weeks of conference, so the studios are very important for these purposes.

With respect to establishing local CoP Practitioner, Community Assembly's working together in their various parts, it is especially beneficial if resources can be facilitated as integral established functioning on levels of intercollegiate and educational project modelling. Among background researches for various groups and interfaces, a Mind Training Academy template has already been established more than a decade ago (with furthering professional documentation on this), and now with those years of intercultural medical experience available to liaise with as ordinary support for CoP local groups. There are discoveries and insights to nurture by way of the contiguous research, as outreach founded on manifold medically associated wisdom traditions. General certifications within that grouping, for the future of diverse kinds comprising research (with most-simple to advanced applications for various trainee disposition) have been of contiguous formulation, due through that developmental evolution, from sources of manifold core unified traditions brought together by a foundational science of consciousness.
       Practical activities for nominated model-groups exploring the above basic dimensions of practice, have proper resources through said most established Western lineages of application. The networks of teachers are longitudinally associated to scientific university studies, and as such are available to interact and engage support for such efforts. Interactive live-class and online presentations modelled from foundational parasympathetic-practices, are a forefront to the mindfulness research movement, and are thus contributed as Community of Practitioner (CoP) mentorship networks to pro-social functions of the Community Assembly's (GA). There are also complementary sets of video teachings, forming direct parts of professional documentation from contiguous intensive research retreats (biannual), e.g. since 2012 at the Phuket Mind Training Academy: co-established on same site as an adjoining project of the Thanyapura Olympic Academy. This was achieved in ceremonial establishment between SciCBN's primary source and the Royal Astrologer of Thailand.

        This support structure for local parasympathetic exercise groups, as forwarded structuring for exemplary CoP interfaces, has then proven conducive to proposals in terms of establishing Mind Training Academy facilities for local sports centres and e.g. football clubs as reciprocal supports. It is therefore a proposal that the Olympic [training] Academy together with its network, be a global resource partner for clubs joining this initiative as pioneered model of SciCBN's main source master.

        Such establishment of branch-science multi-media engaged activities has been a priority over several decades in the form of composing principle articles for a foundational journal of [branch-science linked] consciousness studies (with a consortium of publishers): of layered scientific genres related to experimentalist Parasympathetic-Systems, that include sport-related traditional projects (as kinds among wisdom traditions) i.e. as bottom rung of collaboration in the mindfulness movement. The proposals have long-evolved desired support among Springer Journal editorship, to achieving assessed qualitative approval for SciCBN's UGE I/II experimental protocols to appear in Chomsky's own journal (Phen.). The manifold layers of foundational journal-projects therefore include the social-scientific input, up-to and including a 'Hoffman mathematical model of consciousness'; especially for participation of cognitive and mind science' students, teachers and public, as sense-making on general and specific implications. Lastly, there is a secondary feedback-loop from the above proposals, that befits the official Global Assembly infrastructure as cooperation of follow-up eco-initiatives for COP26 Glasgow.
        Thus, among special functions for Science of Consciousness branch Network initiatives (, has been to create integrated models for localised Intercollegiate branches of the Community Assembly within a -participating in the Anglophone and Mix#1 Clusters (among 100 and growing to 1000 international members and their organisations). With regard to this, a bottom-line of social and parasympathetic science experimental-projects have clear feasible input as primary feedback network-loops to global health nurture.

A rejoinder as feedback to the CoPGA UN interface proceedings is as follows (4th Feb):

Pages are offered for the GA 100 members and various helpers, in order to populate the Nine Studios of conversation with their exemplars of project accomplishments (mirror sites can be of parallel development).

If any of the GA 100 would conference on various interpretations in extension of the OxShires model, this is welcomed as open intercollegiate discussions. There are also processes of comparative translation into various languages of our text, long in process, where its reliable sources publish (e.g. French, German, Russian, Indic language, etc.) The documentation (or any parts of it) is free for any of these initial 100 and more Core Assembly, and any pertinent members: the interpretive processes also being a function of the conversant and transformative work. The organisation is also not adverse to professional input that encompasses help for growth of the urgent non-profit voluntary and charitable issues.

Groups are having conversations about the climate and ecological crisis, guided by the CoPGA linked here Toolkit.

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