Studio 2 : 40 Yr. Eco project now in 37th yr. of writing on this DynEq project.
                  Updates 1 Feb 2022              GA CoP Community Assembly,
View SciCBN's nominate presentation to the CoP GA, forwarded as inspirational communal motivations.

A following reiteration is of a common middle-way Vision Quest prayer, and outlines inter-relations of wisdom by four tested contemplative-scientific cultivations of wisdom. Dedication of this is to the late Neville Shepherd UNA UK Ox. secretary, by outlining essential functions of motivational peace-building practice for co-creative dynamic equilibrium, that outlining his Forum Internum and Forum Externum as explicit classifications for science of consciousness, inner and outer science. This is specially congruous to express as a contemplative prayer, established with myriad shared correlations from earliest Indo-European origins of timeless aspiration, and also in relation to a jurisprudence-pioneer of contemporary UK consensus on common pathways of wisdom establishing the Middle Way (beyond conflicting surface notions of spiritual or secular) Journal and Buddhist Society UK (Christmas Humphreys) :

"All beings are innately by nature free of bias of destructive attachment, paranoid aversion, and stupid indifference on basic practice of equilibrium and thus equanimity, then may we all abide in and be engendering of freedom from these: following radically empirical realisations by inner and outer sages and science of the mindfulness movement. It is the same for being endowed with the deeper causes of happiness and well-being; wholly flourishing in freedom from causal-roots of suffering; and for assimilating empathetic joy without obstacle on virtues nurtured to facilitate these transformations in all and any beings without indifference. For all these causes we may have steadfast practice abiding in inner natures of unified experience, built on a foundation as worldview of dynamic equilibrium."
  WISDOM TRADITIONS of the CoP GA : UK Communal Presentations
               Initialising Keynotes of Introduction for the above :
Each of the GA CoP wisdom-traditions, that are also foundational links to an empirical science of consciousness, are comprised in different ways of synthesis. Of the UK, these beginnings have interdisciplinary emphasis within a first SciCBN expression of mutual contemplation forwarded for CoP GA motivations, aspiration, and dedication. 
        It is a great thing we have diverse wisdom traditions onboard, and these are of first honours in the above nurture. The specific traditions are also exemplary and unique, of secular and spiritual inter-collated efforts contributing to an ecology of peace-building and resilience : from unified developmental root-insights: of multi-branch Depth Psychology, Intercultural Philosophy, Intercultural hermeneutics (with many weaves of source integration), and other branch sciences in connection to such emergent mainstream research since the 1980s. These feeb-back loops that are emergent into a sufficient range of ecologies, are signified as manifold branches of consciousness studies.

In that research for the UK, there an outlined four genres of professional experimental-arts literature for the consciousness studies as foundations to the mindfulness movement, and as a world heritage: 1. Experiential Philosophy & Psychology; 2. Developmental reasoning and dialectics; 3. Arts in the realm of Imagination, and 4. those of timeless, deepest, intuitive-realisation of the inner and outer sciences qualified by branches of psychology. All these classifications unify across manifold single traditions of pluralistic synthesis. That wisdom tradition is also extraordinarily connected to others, as far and wide as the Mount-Wuti salutary wisdom-embodiment in furthermost North-China.

A global-level theme-tune for this studio is a project dedicated to the youth (Greta
et al): a song with the nominated title called "Leaving a Much Better Land for the Children" (a non-confused song " that children and grown up's can understand, and endurance of the planet.