Studio 4 : Collaborative Media Documentary Projects 
                             brief definitions as needed
 the branch-science peace-building projects of philosopher of science Chomsky and that of Cognition Theorist David Dubrovsky (on specific basis of his epistemic and intercultural hermeneutics). A purpose is of an equanimity of highlight among the researches by these two giants, as needing to be in permanent one to one dialog: both being unexcelled in their optimal comprehensions of intercultural philosophy. One of DD's classic primary topics is on the ego, and defining ways and means of nurturing mankind's collective consciousness to transcend it in practice. Both these masters have research lineages of many kinds, and the chomskyan qualifications to dialog within any framework are beyond monumental. These are primary figures among unified traditions of inner-science wisdom (as both professional cognitive and contemplative science). 
        Initialising Presentation Articles: SciCBN forwarded definitions as interfaces of sense-making comprehension to the 2045 project, as together with rejoining synthesis on Donald Hoffman's mathematical and unified other models of consciousness. Then, an article on Phillip Zerrilli and unified medically-parasympathetic aspects of a health-system on basis realised Qi/Prana synthesis (linked to Studio 9). 
REPORT Having begun a few years ago, with a 40 year Eco-project that is of preliminary explanation in Studio 2, in Studio 4, it is Chomsky along with his transdisciplinary peers, who have dynamic inclined talents for new synthesis within such an advanced forum of human difficulties, of advanced topics and dialectics of consciousness studies, and forwarding imperative precedents to most various various commonwealths of resources, especially those in the purviews of spiritual, religious and secular traditions as communal determinations. In Chomsky's defined new projects are e.g., resources for immediate engagement such as urging to fully update the Magna Carta and transform stagnated and antagonistic parliamentary politics; with help from most various other key projects that he contiguously updates. Some of these are in the form of challenges, such as the Galilean Challenge: (having forwarded integrated rejoinder-considerations InText). In these ways, it is multiple projects as a kind of hardware, all with different functions, and as branches of science in one, with none who are swaying the decision making and ensuing obligations (first-person and collective practice to the meaning of CoP).
So key purposes have begun with the above, and further details of background projects are outlined below as listed SciCBN supplementary research since 2017, as relevant professional documentations on the above proceedings.

Older versions of some articles are excerpts mainly on - that include principles and topics of various Dialog Forums, background project researches, and some multimedia presentations of the network. These are by all means supplementary topics of the main text that have gradually followed as updates. Other introductions to varied topics are in the Contemplative Lab page on

Brief Listing of New InText Compositions (incl. annotations and reference to organisational proposals) for the purpose of the reader being able to ascertain what topics/documents the book has placed into the text since 2017-2018 onwards :
- New Compositions called 'UGE Extended Protocols' I/II and Addendum, and updated the article: Model UN Developmental Dialogues : Integrative Human Flourishing, adjoining an Addendum proposal for an independent journal of foundational consciousness studies with proposed structures also qualified in the main text (close of UGE I). This was also reference correlated to a view on rewrites of new Magna Carta, and the UN Charta (compositions/revisions: Nov 2019).
- Primary rejoinder composition to reformulations of a new Magna Carta (Jly2019).
- A whole series of consistent updates to 'Presentation: Prototypical System Cosmogony', and also parts of UGE I/II (Oct 2019).
Evan Thompson's outlines [and InText rejoinders] on Consciousness Studies, including foundational correlative-praxis**, as addition to the 'Templates' chapter; and in the Lexicon: "Panpsychism and related philosophical outlines".
- New rejoinders posted on "Research Gate" of Energy Arts 5 Elements' celebratory presentations, and placed in Lexicon under Prana and Qi entries: NovDec2018.
- Sept 2018 Ch.2 "Russian Academy and related Intercultural Hermeneutic Science research contributions by international scientists"; including logics as pertaining rudimentary studies in contemplative analytical hermeneutics of the psychophysical.

- Sept 2018: Rejoinder Schemata Constraints and Ontological Psychophysical Structure, following Konstantin Anokhin's elucidation on Einstein's methodology of science in physics (placement in Ch.2 Historic and Contemporary Branch Science and Culture)
- Among concluding updates directly below: a feature of rejoinder to the philosophy of Philosopher David Dubrovsky' was revised and posted on researchgate'profile/Green_Moon2 (Nov

- Further updates as contrib's to Chomskian Universal Grammar theory, during 2018 (InText and Lex.), as nominated contemporary, propositional, and semantic contributions that consist a basis for proposal of a developmental DataBase as: e.g. (C*) Chomskian Linguistics: Universal Components of theory : NL elements investigating a foundational-lexicon for a SciOfConsc and the phenomenological/dimensional matrix of mindfulness-related practices. The outlines are further qualified through mindfulness in movement practices.
- Commented on Chomsky's forwarded principia (ref. interview circa 2012) for a new Magna Carta; and further on calls to Higher Education (through branch-science creativity) based on the sound sources of Humboldt; see keywords.

- Meaningful Indo-European definition relating to diverse languages, and Far-East (2018; Ch.1).

- Prana & Qi System (Prana & Qi) Researches (InText and Lex.) as detailed SciCVN proposal (2017/18); see keywords.
- composition Honouring Steven Hawking, as together with update on Indian scientist Deepak Chopra's outlines (2018).
- Presentations on Qi and Prana Systems, the Kalarippayattu Indian Martial Art salient tradition, as among international epistemic-science experimental research-topics, following intimations by Evan Thompson (2018).
- New definiens included relating to outlining epistemic structures of Primary Consciousness and Substrate Consciousness (Apr. 2018); see keywords.
- Updated 2017 (InText and Lex.): Piatigorsky's Nominations for Philosophy and Phenomenology of Dharmas.
- Updated exposition on 'Mental Sense faculty, and psychophysical primaries of consciousness'. (2017/18).

- NHS Parliamentary dialogue and debate report (2017-18), placed in the SciCBN Researchgate Forum and InText.

- 2017-18 Update of composed v.3 Initial Outline of Legal Framework of Model SciCBN, and parallel proposals for online and offline conference-work (as Dialog Forum of adjoined Relational Topics). Principles for publishing and re-translation of the dialogs into various integral language-bases are present, following Wallace's various locative travels (as a publishing-process), with variously connected intercollegiate branch-science inputs and outputs (esp. Linguistic and Semantic) of proposed research. International DBase research-hubs were also nominated there accompanying InText details (incl. a central Eastern Hub nominated for Mongolia. Updates and further contributions to a Universal Grammar UG theory was also composed, consistently updated, and forwarded in terms of PhD intercollegiate proposals by included modules of curricula, InText. These were foundational stipulations as explicit responsibilities implied InText (2017-Apr2018).
- 2020 Update of rejoins in Chapter 2, with excerpts in Lexicon, to the five Russian Academy scientists and philosophers, as secondarily featured in dialogues at the Taj Mahal 2027 conference. Otherwise, the rejoinders represent a branch-science curricula model of perspectives comprising a worldview and its Lexicon as guidelines for a proposed new foundational journal title defined at (ii) close of UGE I.

- 2020: Updated all the parts on cipher and codex relating them to secular meaning and charter; also syntax: revised those on Qi and/& Prana, and Prana and/& Qi
- Upgraded definitions for the communal originative ancient term (esp. Budd.) translated as emptiness : 'duality voidness, 'voidness as non-duality': 'affirmative-emptiness of duality in relation to all conceptual phenomena', also ‘voidness as non-conceptual non-duality of all phenomena’. [Aug2020]
- 2020/21 Revisions as main rejoinders to Parliamentary work on "new Magna Carta", with a further Addendum called 101a (contained within and after UGE II in Lexicon), then ref's to this placed as part of new journal proposal to JFK Univ. (based on its excellently outlined decades of online and offline consciousness studies), Chomsky's department, and UN University (placed at beginning of Templates in Ch.7). Then a brief composition on ecology, of due honours to Sir Charles Chaplin and film (multimedia) world, within this.
- Added to Chapter 7 (before the resume on Qi System text-beginnings documentation on "Integration of Worldview, Practice, and Way of Life: Inner and Outer Peacekeeping and Peace-building" : "Quantum Consciousness Symmetry Outlines for Parasympathetic Systems' Science", Interdisciplinary science methodologies Ma2021.
- Revision of Lexicon entry: Qi & Prana Systems (A-E), (C) Rejoinders to Celebratory Presentation of the Energy Arts 5 Elements Chi Template, Ma2021, etc.
- Additions (Apr2021) and revision of the Meditation chapter. Additions at end of Part Two on Mindfulness of Mind and Phenomena I - and at Part Three with: Mindfulness of Mind and Phenomena II; Functions of view and meditation: the mental sense-faculty.
- important revision of a feature in Ch.7, Theravadin founding collaborations and adjoining centrist commonalities, and contrastive templates on the four applications of mindfulness.
- Apr2021 Revision on X: Writing for the Together First UNA UK Consultation and Questionnaire / Theory of Change. A note was made that other questions on edits are to be understood around these updates>
- Apr2021 Rev on UGE II duplicated sentence at keyword "(=FLN)"
- Sept2021 Revisions on rejoins to philosopher Dubrovsky of the Russian Academy, and further rejoin placements included of (Anglophone and Mix 1 Clusters) documentation forwarding nominations of support for the Global Assembly (GA) and Community of Practitioners' (CoP) network, and background initiatives supporting the COP26 climate conference. Material prior to these rejoins is full of relevance-theory definitions marked "***".
- Nov 2021: Composed synopsis on Donald Hoffman's projects from 3&5 diff. sources: on his transcending mundane Space-Time hypothesis.

- Jan2021 Revised all seven Rejoins to Russian Scientists and many key parts throughout the text with references to upgrade on Qi Systems' theory; specifically, the parts on Anohkin and Piatigorski, authors friend and mentor when attending studies at SOAS (Lon.). {few parts of great complexity are outstanding revisions to be made if any typos in this procedural edition). Added a clause to above on research into inspiring CoP GA relations of global infrastructure