Studio 6 : Inner and Outer Science                     
A dedication of this studio is to elucidate on profound dialogs, e.g. of one among three primary sources for initial presentations of documentation. One of Dr. Alan Wallace's profound scientific interactions were carried by a 11-hour continuous dialog with Christoff Kock and colleagues at CalTech USA.  And the fact that there were no recording of it, means that its contents follow from estimation on the prior and subsequent dialogs, including the genius of AW's 2007 scientific publication "Hidden Dimensions" (defining Ontological Relativity), to hold most successful conference with the quantum physicist MB Mensky (as collaborative input into Russian Holistic Science) and so many other primary scientists. All those efforts went toward fulfilling AW's positing of most extensive implicate empirical statements, of optimal in choice among these, on the wide topics of phenomenology: the main research-branch founding the Mindfulness Movement. Most general and practicable understandings of such dialogs, represent a working ontological relativity as manifold curriculums of purpose (e.g. in those of background peacekeeping and peace-building). 
            Definition : The Inner and Outer Sciences relate to the branch knowledge systems and common languages of the most ancient university-networks in the Indic region, giving rise to the Indo-European languages. In contemporary terms, these are unified branch-sciences mainly from the ground-up of the mind-sciences and cognitive-science, that were established since those times in the research lineages. Extensive definitions for assimilative studio work on are on the researchgate Online Contemplative Lab and on the Forum for Reasoning pages.