Studio 7 : Arts and Science
Of musical emphasis as Real-time studio and developmental presentation facility
                                   STUDIO UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Arts and Science relates to experimental parts of art that are functional parts of science, and relates to such a thesis. Arts also refers to the Parasympathetic Arts such as the Qi and Prana Systems that are timeless parts of core science and the experiential philosophy. One main part of this science is of Wallace's Contemplative Neuroscience, 'core experiential psychology', first-person physiology, etc., etc.
          The diversely resourceful genre of Jazz-Fusion music is introduced by classic examples of its development below :  
A demonstration video by British pioneer John McLaughlin on an expert standard rhythmic-system called Konokol, that is collaboratively facilitative for musicians. All these are features within a UK interdisciplinary wisdom tradition. The following is a link to clips of his tuition-video on YouTube. Konokol is also a research-mode standard feature for creative improvisation : See search-term: Gateway to Rhythm on You Tube
The piece of music called New Karuna (~'great loving kindness') by the above JMac is a prolific theme-tune for this studio, and presently without lyrics, so a link to it is presented below for access on You Tube :