Studio 9 : Psychophysical Arts
                                                  STUDIO CONSTRUCTION

          Some founder families of considered SciCVN Participants along the way:
Charles Chaplin lineages of actors evolved of his philosophical mentorship, important foundation records of transition between the "silent movies" and the "talkies", and contributions to important intercultural philosophy.
Phillip Zerrilli's lineage is of the most interest as contemporary model here for research and development, and other's work as part of our community and helpers has some presentational tributes below. 
        A presentation-video on the Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga mastership of Mark Colleano is placed below (also film-artist: 
                - thei is demonstrating of a warm-up session
Another hero who SciCBN takes inspiration from is a South London stage-academy associate is Charlie Hussey, also a Hatha Yoga teacher, seasoned actor, and psychophysical arts' dance star.