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Project Representations: Anglophone and Mix #1 Clusters documentation (see Studio 1 (**) of what are regional details). forwarding projects of initiative organisation to support the Global Assembly (GA) and Community of Practitioners (CoP) network. This is a said Global Infrastructure continuing the COP26 Glasgow proceedings. A working copy of the SciCBN inspirational presentation for CoP GA is on Page Ten (below in listing). View SciCBN inspirational-presentation to the GA on page 10 of this website listed below
CoP Update 19th Sept 2023  Communications constitutional of the 'Cognitive-Contemplative Lab'
                         -- independent 'Isles and Shires' Project Research Lab hub.
For the Isles and Shires project, some locational and prodigious internal research-continuities have transpired--for developmental infra-structure of the 'CoP100' of attendance at Glasgow COP26--although there has been public transitional inactivity by way of the G.A. internet beside the ongoing monitoring / mentor roles of the 100 participants across their attendant branch-science labs of ongoing researches, supported by a an intercollegiate backbone of research scientists and institutes.
       Congratulations to the extensive locative work of the 100 'global participant areas of representative people', with all cordial efforts for continuity of projects, on functional basic issues of local and global emergence from root and branch ovstacles. dedicates ongoing foundational active-researches toward participation by a said possible generative-capacity of 1000 members, each their participations as authentic and collective-roles of transitional aspiration toward flourishing for mankind: interdependently honouring collective virtues placed into global G.A. principles.
ISLES AND SHIRES NEWS On global secular-spiritual interfaith of sound emergent aspiration, just before the Coronation of RH-KCIII, Archbishop Rowen Williams' gave a reading at Oxford of included aspirational-proceedings--thus for future authentic cooperation of e.g. this now named Isles and Shires project. His recitation was a Galic Welsh Recitation of the Taliesyn: an earliest 'archetypical meditation text' e.g. interpretations of intimation to an all inclusive Magna Carta of lucid-dreaming cooperation between various peoples and constitutions; and especially for the mindfulness movement and global exemplary means to consistency of conflict resolution: so brought up to date in the spirit of the text's defining 'lucid-dream vision-quest to fluid cooperation'. THIS IS AUSPICIOUS because of the vook-text nomination of specific clauses to NewMagCarta after 2010 / 12 / Parliamentary annotations and Chomsky's further callings.
WEBSITE Nine Studio MENU with basic and further documentation spoken of as present on the Online Contemplative Lab : | Further on Community Branch Networking : view organisational history to present in Science of Consciousness - on time never more appropriate for practice of psychophysical consciousness studies - View its SciCBN professional documentation and parts of text: "Dialogs: DynamEq [& EQnimity], of Inner&Outer [BranchScience] Peace-building" : Contents & Introduction |  | Dialog Forum Structuring for Reasoning | Topical Researches : Applied Practices of Dynamic EquilibriumInner and Outer Peace-building |
                       Nine Multimedia and Documentary Conference Studio-Presentations
Studio 1: NewsDesk Project progress : Inaugural video-presentations, zoom-calls etc., with real-time event focus linked to Facebook or other feeds. Nominated media promotion of CoP Global Infrastructure : e.g. mindfulness-movement models in nurture of local health system parasympathetic-exercise group-practices, with varied research-facility model documentation on the Researchgate link as nominated resources for inspirational networks of CoP Practice groups (augmenting model SciCBN GA presentations).
Studio 2: Events and SciCBN / Project: 40 Yr. Eco project (parts of presentation for Global Assembly): CoP as global infrastructure for COP26 participation.
          -Initialising Presentation Articles: UNA UK Together First Campaign Presentation material, including SciCBN nomination of media-portal support-facilities: for the GA CoP 100 and proposed 1000 international representative members.

Studio 3: Dialog and Debate Forum; Presenting; Nominated Annotations to "new Magna Carta" Parliamentary-revisions, 2012-2015 (the linked revision is in the "Project-Log" tab of the Researchgate page); epistemic documentary presentation-projects include nominations for creative lyric, music and arts, and related media presentations. Topical perspectives are of the "mindfulness movement", intercultural-philosophy, intercultural-hermeneutics, experiential philosophy, dialectics, psychology, contemplative-science, cognitive-science, and physiology.
Studio 4: Collaborative Media Documentary Projects communally promoting main peace-building projects of Philosopher David Dubrovsky, custodian of the 2045 pioneering initiative (on basis of his epistemic and intercultural hermeneutics dialogs, social-science/CogSci).
Initialising Presentation Articles: SciCBN Definitions as foundational participation in the 2045 project; rejoining synthesis on the D. Hoffman CogSci longitudinal proposals (general aspects of quantum psychophysics and physics); and an article on Phillip Zerrilli; and unified medically-parasympathetic aspects of a health-system on basis of Qi/Prana synthesis (see link on Studio 9).
Studio 5: Inner and Outer Peace-building (Outstanding conference and documentary specifications, see Studio 6 for overlapping specifications). Initialising Presentation Script Articles: professional documentation on Forum Internum/Externum (UNA presentation article), etc.
Studio 6: Inner and Outer Science and Science of Consciousness (outstanding conference and documentary specifications). Collaborative project of curricula for studentship on branch-science peace keeping_&_building with long term support by UNA UK Directorship (as defined main area projects).
       Initialising Presentation Script Articles: professional documentation on foundational worldview and common inner-science cosmogony; Dialogue Forum Structuring; and presentation of nominated new foundational journal of Consciousness Studies with definitions and specifying proposals (acknowledged necessary and sufficient definitions by Springer representation of long-term cooperative negotiation).
Studio 7: Arts and Science Studio - Music and Lyric-writing projects : nominated media and music-band support projects for the COP26 global infrastructure: CoP Community of Practitioners and GA Global Assembly; media project for Qi and Prana Systems' integral promotion; with linked interface to Jazz-Fusion Music broad-bandwidth projects: e.g. of collaboration on John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia's pioneership, incl. a lyric-writing initiative; and interface with the Herbie Hancock Imagine Project. There are proposed synthesiser sample-facility projects being incorporated into this studio (as developing a Real-Time studio-facility), and many pioneering organisations e.g. in India (CrypoCipher), who create sound-samples of ancient and modern acoustic-instruments such as the tabla, although whatever the instrumental, lyric-writing is an important emphasis: as also represented in a standard-educative rhythmic-form of singing and playing instruments called Konocol.
          Initialising Presentation Article: a music arts philosophy of science key synopsis as: homage to Maestro Paco de Lucia.

Studio 8: Arts Educational | Script-mapping ;based on book-topics:  Experimental | Psychophysical Movement Arts | Parasympathetic System | Arts Stationary Cabinet and Graphics Shop |
           Initialising Presentations: book-article on Science of Lucid-Dream ("the Stuff of Dreams" forwarded as parts in the dimensions of consciousness studies and practice of physiology), as narrational scene by scene inner-science script-work on Qi and Prana medical system-synthesis, also presentation on defining practice-transitions through dimensions of consciousness, based on empirical-statements of the epistemic science.
Studio 9: Psychophysical and Intercultural Arts Studio celebratory of Big City Sages Shifu BF (Energy Arts inner-science projects), Dr. Alan Wallace and Sir Charles Chaplin (an emulative Chaplin-studio project has long been of developmental-calling within a nominated Contemplative Observatory Studio Unified Arts and Science Project, the inherited precedents of which in parallel are time honoured as emergent in the intercollegiate-genius Psychophysical Actor/Dance Training of Phillip Zerrilli's practice-lineage.
           Initialising Presentations : Localised Projects: Community of Practice (CoP) group establishment as Global Community GA hubs, following presentations of parasympathetic exercise (with a main source in Qi and Prana Systems' synthesis), and live online tuitions via Energy Arts | Nominated practice-arts media-projects further endeavour to promote the mastery of pioneering Western teachers, of comparative-affiliation to the Medical Qi Gong system.

Project : "Mind Training Academy" as previously established to adjoin the Olympic Training Academy Phuket model as a highly developed Parasympathetic Health System. This is a SciCBN remit of facilitation with standard proposals for local sports club collaboration (i.e. football clubs etc.), as part of Global Assembly and Community of Practitioners (CoP) membership. The project has its own laboratory documentation of tested results in the form of an ongoing International [DynEq] Shamatha Project of branch arts and science; with related organisational work contributing to a foundational Science of Consciousness with its own established empirical Journal outlines completed and acknowledged.

Page 11 : Members' Pages (password protected for work to be shared as experimental studio places)

          Links (reference to link's page)
Local Groups  A call for participation in what is a nominated developmental part of the CoP/COP26 infrastructure going forward, for inauguration of developmental, medically specialised, parasympathetic arts-exercise groups following expositions of a longest-term primary-founder of the Mindfulness Movement as Director as Santa Barbara Institute of Consciousness Studies, and similarly, "Energy Arts Tao Space Live" online classes (according to inclinations of practitioners). A disability and over-fifties grouping is also an essential provision of that. By these frameworks, there is also is also a practice synthesis that includes Medical Qi Gong among other systems, and availability of an internationally available trainings for Community Assembly, Community of Practitioners for the GA Global Assembly framework (of local practitioners). One special source is of a developed model-synthesis for over-fifties energetics to assimilate as a group (with a prominent master available). The online or offline master-classes should be at minimal expense for those in the group (and have concessionary rates), to join these developmental trainings of exemplar-model practices. Professional documentations are available free as parts of the presentation. Our 750 page text has also been offered freely as inspirational material to one or other of the present GA 100 members, the "Wisdom Tradition Committee" and organisational members (going on 1000) since near its commencement. <update March 2022>
All these projects have SALIENT DEFINITIONS AND DOCUMENTATION AS EXCERPTS from a "DynEq" 750 page book: some links are to older versions of articles in the text. On the researchgate links, you may have to click on the Project Logs to view documents.

1st Book-Launch Opening-edition at discounted price; some people qualifying free-copy circulation. inclusions: Community of Practice CoP GA Clusters, disadvantaged needing discounts, please notify by sending an Email. The basic-text was composed between 2004-2021, but it has an online version included in the price, as a project of the book is together with its own up-dateable journal, that it nominates. So there are updated insightful-features of project-progress included, becoming more concise on topics of outstanding features of its development.

THE STRAIT CONTENTS OF THIS WEBSITE ARE ON (that outlines professional documentation on foremost background researches). One mention is of help requested in managing these studios to Meng, the "Jolly Good Fellow" of Google (e.g. concerning integral web implementation for members). Meng also has remit on first-person and collective nurture of what to call (SciCBN's own terms): branch science dynamic equilibrium, following discoveries in the Mindfulness Movement expressed in Contemplative Neuroscience (more expressed in general on the site). This person long-ago hosted one of our three sages as speaker at Google.
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NB Append. "Intercollegiate Community Assembly": of source tech. ref. to local arts and science and other organisational foundational public pro-social activities and networks. Thus, inter- & transdisciplinary-interconnecting arts and science branch-projects, evolving in terms of community (CoP) practitioners with qualifications in the 'mindfulness-movement Arts and Science', unified-project orientations.
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